The award for “The Most Misogynistic Comment of the 2016 Election Season”goes to…

…the rapist’s wife for posting this on twitter.  Leave to the most evil, misogynistic  woman in the history of the world to celebrate the ultimate symbol of female oppression in the most evil, misogynistic religion in the history of the human race.


Transcript of Obama-Putin “90 minute” phone call.

A couple weeks ago the most transparent and honest administration, ever, made the claim that Barry was on the phone with his bud, Vlad, for 90 minutes.  Good thing I wasn’t drinking a carbonated beverage when I first read that.  I hate when the bubbles get up in my sinuses.
It was actually a 9 second phone call.  Here’s the transcript:
Putin:  Knock, knock.
Obama: Who’s there?
Putin: Crimea.
Obama: Crimea who?
Putin: Crimea river. You’re my bitch.  <click>
(Shamelessly stolen from allhail2)

Teach Your Children Well. (A Tale from the Great Society)

Names have been changed to protect the innocent, but this is a true story.  Presented without comment– res ipsa loquitur.

Sally, an acquaintance, works for a privately funded human services program. Whenever a new client comes in seeking help, Sally brings the client into her office for an assessment of their situation.

A young woman in her late 20’s, along with her 14 year old daughter came to her for assistance. Sally told the woman to go into her office and have a seat, but her daughter had to sit in the waiting area. They woman was upset by this, but Sally explained to her that this was her rule as she didn’t feel it was appropriate for children to listen to the assessment interview.

The woman replied, “But I always take her with me when I’m going to get my benefits. She needs to learn so she can get her own benefits soon.”